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Why Migrate to the Cloud?

Transitioning to a cloud communications solution may be met with hesitation, even at a large enterprise that has a lot to gain from a technology update. However, the explosive growth in cloud-based solutions are forcing businesses to re-evaluate their strategy when looking to improve security, efficiency, and ultimately cost savings. Whether you’re looking for disaster recovery, private cloud, or desktop as a service, Diversified Telecom Group can help you find the right solutions for your business.

The benefits of Cloud Communications:

Cost savings: Most organizations realize significant cost savings from switching to the cloud. The reduction in hardware and maintenance offers savings, and the monthly subscription can be categorized as operating expenses, in contrast to the new phone systems that require a large capital investment.

Mobility: One of the greatest benefits of a cloud-based unified communications solution is the mobility and flexibility it provides. The world has become forever mobilized, meaning more companies are looking to meet the demands of an increasingly remote workforce. Your business customers and their employees no longer need to be chained to a physical location when making calls or worry about giving out their personal cell phone number. Cloud communications solutions enable your business customers to receive calls on any device through features like mobile twinning and more. Your customers’ business and mobile phones will ring simultaneously so they never miss a call, and they can make calls on their personal mobile device using their business number. The ability to keep in touch with customers and coworkers wherever and whenever appeals to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Seamless customer experience: A unified communications approach allows a customer to switch between voice calls, email, text, or IM, with a consistent experience across all conversations. Likewise, customer service representatives can access the entire history of all communications with a particular customer through a single app.

Scalability: When you use a cloud communications solution, you pay only for the number of users you need. As seasonality or growth impacts your needs, you simply add or reduce users. It’s easy to scale up or down as necessary.

Improved security: Despite widespread adoption of cloud solutions, security remains one of the most frequently mentioned concerns. Cloud communications providers utilize multiple layers of security measures, as well as continuous monitoring of activity. 

Updates and innovation: When you choose a cloud communications solution, you not only can turn the headache of software updates over to the provider, but you also enjoy frequent innovations to your communications system. Cloud solutions providers are investing in research and development in their own efforts to be competitive in their industry, and you reap the benefits.

Choices: When it comes to making the switch away from an old call center, there’s some comfort in the fact that there are a lot of choices. Not only are there a variety of cloud solutions on the market, but you also have the choice between a full cloud migration or a hybrid solution. Additionally, you can implement the transition slowly or do a full switch to cloud. 

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