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Diversified Telecom Group will work with you to ensure that you have the broadband services you need for fast, reliable, and cost-effective internet service.  Through our strategic partners, we offer an extensive range of connectivity options at significantly lower costs than what you’d achieve as a stand-alone business.

We also utilize a fiber location tool, which allows for a fast and accurate assessment at your business address to determine if you’re a candidate for fiber, which provider is in your area and projected monthly costs.


We offer the following services:

Cable/DSL: For new ventures just getting off the ground, a good cable connection may be all you need, capable of hosting data, phones, and video offerings. Cable also works great for smaller offices or as a backup to a dedicated connection.

T1: Offering 1.544 megabits per second, T1 has long been the standard for smaller businesses as well as remote offices for larger organizations that need reliable communications. But as bandwidth-heavy applications proliferate, it may not be enough.

Ethernet: Businesses have long trusted Ethernet for its reliability and scalability. Ethernet is the choice for those businesses that want to connect information streams privately and cost-effectively – but who need more bandwidth than T1 lines provide.

Internet Capabilities
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