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Our Mission


Diversified Telecom Group's core mission is to deliver our clients the very best customer service, pricing, and responsiveness through our partnerships in the industry.

About Us

Diversified Telecom Group was founded in 2008 by a team of highly experienced CT-based telecom professionals that act as a consultant for its clients and work on their behalf. We are an independent provider of voice, data, and cloud services, serving clients throughout the region. We focus on mid-size to enterprise customers, who have been typically underserved by many of the large providers and carriers.

Diversified Telecom Group reviews a client’s current telecom infrastructure, discusses future objectives, and then sources the best network solution from over 100 local, national and international telecommunications and cloud providers. We are our customer advocates that utilize our experience and market knowledge to deliver technology at a competitive cost. We ensure our clients are completely represented throughout the process of due diligence, technology selection, contracting, implementation and ongoing account management.


We offer the latest technology that the large telecommunications companies provide, but with a small company level of service and responsiveness. Our objective is to deliver long-term partnerships with our customers through trust, support, competitive services and pricing.

Service First

“Our goal is to make each and every client think of us as a valued business partner”

-David Rider, Co-Founder

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