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What is “the Cloud”?

The cloud is a term used to describe a network(s) or application(s) that is outside a company’s physical premise(s). Cloud applications are those that exist in offsite data centers. Customers connect to these applications from mobile devices or desktop devices through the internet or other high speed data connections. The data centers that host these applications are typically in a carrier’s space that is redundant and secure. This provides the client with a level of survivability and redundancy to their services and applications at a fraction of what it would cost them to do it on their own.

How to choose a cloud service?

As these cloud-based services are quickly evolving, there are an array of cloud providers, making it difficult to know what the true differentiators are and which solution best fits your specific needs. We at Diversified Telecom have the expertise in helping you choose the right provider that meets your technical, feature, and economic goals while supporting future demand.

Cloud Computing
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