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As technology progresses, businesses are moving to the cloud.


We offer a broad range of business continuity, information security, IT disaster recovery and cloud systems that are fully integrated and ready to meet your business challenges. Off-site storage, backup and recovery services enable customers of all sizes to take their operations anywhere and at any time.

Hosting services can put those features in your business to allow you to focus on what’s really important…your business.


Diversified Telecom Group offers these services:

Colocation: For many large businesses, it is ideal to host your primary or disaster recovery environment offsite. This is where colocation comes in. It allows you to maximize your use of space by placing your hosting environment at a secure, controlled colocation facility.

Managed Hosting: Similar to colocation services, managed hosting allows businesses to place the physical hosting of their servers in someone else’s hands. With managed hosting, servers are leased, and the hosting provider takes care of the regular maintenance and monitoring, making this an affordable option.

Cloud Hosting: When businesses need cloud services but lack the on-site expertise necessary to manage them, virtual servers are another option for handling the management. Dedicated on-site technical staff is no longer necessary to see the advantages of global communications.

Unified Communications: Hosted or on-site UC (unified communications) services bring the collaborative tools that make global operations a reality. From document sharing to voice and real-time video conferencing, UC gives you worldwide operational reach in real-time.

Backup Services: Offsite backups are one of the best ways to protect yourself against both data loss and data intrusions. Kept safely away from your main servers, these backups can restore your system within minutes should it ever be necessary.

Data Servers
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