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Ten Reasons why companies chose Diversified Telecom Group

2. Single point of contact

Regardless of whether we recommend a single carrier solution or a multi-carrier solution, you still have a single point of contact to deal with the person who knows your account best.

3. Understands your business

Diversified Telecom Group acts as an assistant buyer who will understand your business needs, preferences, and what makes best sense for your company. 

1. Mergers and acquisitions

Sales is already known as a high turnover profession, but the recent rash of mergers and acquisitions in telecom make it highly unlikely the representative who signed you to your term agreement will still be there to assist you within a year.  By using Diversified Telecom Group, you can be sure that regardless of continued merger activity or bankruptcies, we will continue to be there to support your day to day business operations.

5. Unbiased opinion of multiple carriers/providers and their product lines

We know the carrier/providers products and limitations, whether by market or by geographic location.  Based on where your business is heading, whether that be expanding, streamlining, migrating to cloud or contracting, Diversified Telecom can put you in the right position for success.


4. Experience

Diversified Telecom Group’s team of experienced professionals has been serving the business needs for clients for over 20 years. This allows you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience from an organization that has been in this market for many years, knows the right carriers/providers, and more importantly, how they really perform.

6. We are invested in your success long term

When you work with a direct sales representative for either a telecom, cable or cloud company, that individual is generally only paid on the sale itself.  There’s no motivation, many times despite the direct representative’s best intentions, for them to ever speak to you again after you sign an agreement. With Diversified Telecom Group, our entire motivation is our customers complete satisfaction with the products and services we provide, and therefore look to build a long-term relationship with each client. We are paid each month by the carriers/providers a small percentage of the customer overall telecom spend each month, which ensure we have skin in the game every day.  So, we have a strong motivation to make sure every repair, MAC, billing and new service request is managed timely and effectively.

7. We don’t have quotas

Unfortunately, when dealing from a direct sales representative, you only buy what their company has to offer, and often will sell you what is good for them, not what is good for you. They are directed to sell what is profitable for the carrier they work for and are paid accordingly. Diversified Telecom Group, almost without exception, do not carry quotas with any carriers. Because we don’t carry quotas, we’ll objectively recommend solutions that work on your timelines, not theirs.

8. Third party industry shift

Companies everywhere are turning to the cloud for more flexible, comprehensive solutions to meet their communications needs. Within this shift, the industry is moving increasingly towards a third-party distribution model utilizing independent sales agents to market their services.  There are several reasons for this: Independent Telecom Agents are typically more knowledgeable, better trained, produce substantially more new revenue, set proper expectations with the clients, their clients tend to remain with the provider much longer, and bottom-line, it is more cost-effective sales model.


9. Same pricing or many times better pricing

Contrary to belief, the exact same pricing matrix is used by both direct sales and 3rd party channel. For large projects, special pricing is also available to both channels, which helps the customer win, and insures all clients are treated equally.

10. We understand next generation technology

Communications, internet, cloud and security services is an ever-changing component of a business’s success. They require sophisticated expertise and the implementation of new technologies can save organizations a significant amount of money each year. Diversified Telecom Group partners with the best-in-class providers to deliver a secure, customized, and fully managed solution to our clients.

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